Safety Systems

Safety Systems

The purpose of safety technology is to minimize and even eliminate human and facility hazards, potential hazards by using and applying technologies. All of these are done without loss of production or loss of time in the use of machines.

Functional safety according to IEC 61508; It is defined as part of the general safety regarding the equipment under control and the control systems consisting of these equipment. The regular operation of these control systems is electrical-electronic and programmable. It depends on using the correct functions in electronic systems and minimizing or eliminating external risks.

In order to ensure the functional safety of a machine or facility, the safety-related parts of the devices that protect and control that machine or facility must work with the correct functions, when an error or problem occurs, the machine or facility must remain in a safe position or switch to a safe position as soon as possible.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to use proven technologies that meet all the needs specified by the relevant standards.

What Safety Systems Provide to the User

-To prevent damage to people and facilities

-CAT-3 / CAT-4 compatible systems

-Clear and easy program structures

-Prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions

Safe data transmission over long distances

-Less cable connection and installation costs

-Minimum failure and ease of fault detection