Siemens S5 –> S7 Conversion

Converting S5 Systems to S7 Systems

The need for spare parts for s5 devices, machines and systems whose production has been stopped and product support has been removed, and the need for a company that supports the s5 controller is high. It is very difficult to find spare parts at very high prices and to prepare the software. Repairing broken parts is difficult and takes a lot of time.

As SIMTEK AUTOMATION, we successfully perform S7 system conversions or S5 PLC – S7 PLC conversion and renewal applications that can be made at the prices of S5 spare cards in case you cannot find S5 spare cards in your problems with S5 SIMATIC PLCs.

While the maximum efficiency that can be obtained in S5 PLCs {6813e0b055f7aa8e72c01a43e4fe8acd81bfc46902a7c345ffa52bd7fa2a8751} is around 70, S7 PLCs {6813e0b055f7aa8e72c01a43e4fe8acd81bfc46902a7c345ffa52bd7fa2a8751} are also around 80.

Instead of investing in S5 Systems, the investment you will make in the S7 System is the following:


– A hardware equipped with new technology;

– Providing easy spare material supply;

– Technical support facility;

– A safer system.

Images from Old Systems That We Revised

As Siemens Solution Partner, we are experienced in the projects we have done since 1994, especially in the revision of the old system Siemens products to the new generation Sinamics series of S5 PLC, Simodrive, Masterdrive drives, and the reconstruction of electrical panels within the scope of the project. We also have experience in revision of systems such as S5-95U, 110S / W, 135 / 155U to S7-400 / 400 or new generation S7-1500 + ET200SP configurations.