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Automation in Automotive Industry

Today, the automotive industry plays a “key” sector role for developed and even developing countries. A strong automotive industry stands out as one of the common features of industrialized countries. The main reason why the automotive industry is of such importance is the close relations of this sector with other sectors. The automotive industry benefits from what many other industries produce; Iron-steel, glass, plastic, textile, electronics and electricity sectors are the leading ones. In addition, the automotive sector stems from the efficient operation of some sectors with its production. Examples include the construction, tourism and agriculture sectors. It is also known that the automotive industry contributes to the defense sector and indirectly to the national security of the country.


One of the biggest factors in the development of the automotive industry in Turkey are the developments in the production area.

At this point, what is meant by improvement is not only the production quantity but also the production quality. together with the transfer of advanced technology to Turkey, Turkey has increased production quality of the automotive industry, which has provided the automotive industry and all sectors of development and growth. While it is difficult to quantify the increased production quality, the increase in the production amount is clearly seen in the statistical data.

Maximum Ability and Safety

  1. Powerful PLCs;
  2. Safe movements;
  3. Monitoring and control comfort;
  4. Maximum safety, minimum cost;
  5. The main unit supporting CE compliance.

– EN954-1

– DIN V19250AK6

– IEC 61508 SIL3

– Safety PLC: Standard PLC features

as well as all safety functions

It is a PLC with 3 CPUs.

– Clear and easy-to-understand program structure and

integrated online help.

– Prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions.

– Self-testing.

– Bipolar output specific to valves.

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