Rubber Industry

Automation and Machine Manufacturing in Rubber Industry

Automation and machine manufacturing in the rubber industry enables technical product lines and remodeling of old machines and the production of new machines. With the changes in technology, changing the whole structure of the machines is usually not the best solution.
Buying a new product on the market is always a problem due to high prices, lack of technology or incompatibility for the European market. It should be borne in mind that these are special machines in integrated rubber technology. For this reason, large rubber companies rarely sell machines in the market.


The purposes of manufacturing new machines, remodeling old machines and product lines are:


– increase efficiency;

– Increasing product quality and product reproducibility;

– Reducing the human impact on product quality;

– To facilitate the work of operators and maintenance personnel;

– Increasing safety at the work site;

– Production of highly complex products with market appeal.

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